two systems – comprehensive solution

PiCROSS is a group of advanced applications designed for efficient management of the product offer, with particular emphasis on its timeliness and brand consistency.

the system will streamline the work of multiple departments in your company

efficient workflow


employees from different departments can have access to the current company’s product database, staying up-to-date with its status and being able to work on it, thereby eliminating downtime related to information flow.

data security


user access rights allow multiple people to work on the product database simultaneously, which streamlines team collaboration.

At the same time, they ensure security, preventing the risk of information loss and unauthorized access to more sensitive data.



many time-consuming operations available with just one click. Updating the catalog, a different language version – no longer requires hours of preparation. Catalog and product offer generation is lightning-fast, and prices are updated automatically.

Additionally, online access eliminates location and time restrictions.



separating the realm of image from product information streamlines and facilitates the work of teams involved in data management and those responsible for their visual representation.

Compiling the necessary data for catalog or brochure subcontractors is no longer a problem at all.

product information management

in one place

all data in one place – properly organized and hierarchized, in accordance with the standards adopted in a given company

of information

product information can consist of multilingual texts, illustrations, additional files, links, QR codes, certification documents, etc. – without limitations


managing access rights to data based on roles and responsibilities – streamlines work and ensures data security

data retrieved

product information available online – from anywhere, at any time. Always up-to-date

current online store offer

when the store is connected to the database, updating the data in the database simultaneously updates the sales pages

PiCROSS data

Product Information Management (PIM) system, used for describing, storing, and managing the world of products.

It ensures high quality and completeness of information.

product image management

product cards

new product cards – automatic generation of current cards for any medium: pdf, html, img

professional catalog
– on the spot

producing a catalog in any format from a single project – e.g. to PDF, but also to professional DTP applications like InDesign

product flyers

regular flyers – ready in moments, easy editing, lightning-fast generation

update –
one click

catalog for the new season? After changing prices in the database, just one click and the ‘update’ mechanism will automatically update the prices in the old catalog, allowing you to print the new version

automation – one click

different language version? New graphic design? Just one click to generate any version of the catalog!

PiCROSS media

A program for automating all kinds of publications that create a consistent product image.

It enables efficient management of information visualization in the form of leaflets, catalogs, and product cards.

offer management

flexible online offer

the distributor no longer has to worry about laboriously creating a current offer for a special client – a small web application will provide them with full functionality

access to the full
product database

the distributor always has access to the complete product database, including all new products and information

generation and scheduling

catalog generations can be planned and launched remotely, from anywhere, at any time


web application, integrated with PiCROSS data and PiCROSS media, used for preparing online offers.

It also allows for remote planning and creating offer materials.