PiCROSS data

product information management

Effective management of product data directly influences the success of the company.

Good flow of information, up-to-date data, collaboration between departments – support the efficiency and profitability of operations.


PiCROSS data is a flexible PIM (Product Information Management) system used for managing product information. It allows for easy and quick organization of all data describing the ‘world of products’. Furthermore, thanks to integration with PiCROSS media, it provides the possibility for their immediate visualization in the form of product cards or other types of publications, both in print and electronic formats


PiCROSS data is a useful and even essential tool for modern manufacturing or distribution companies, where the range of products is extensive (more than 100) and the description of their properties goes beyond names and prices.

PiCROSS data allows for easy organization of product properties, regardless of their characteristics and purpose. Managing products in PiCROSS data is intuitive and boils down to a few views: product editor, text editor, search engine, and hierarchy tree.

action and implementation

PiCROSS data is a web application. During the implementation phase, the product structure is modeled, which includes the relationships between product groups (known as hierarchy) and descriptions of these products (properties). Data is input into the system either through imports (both entire products and individual descriptions in the form of texts or documents), or manually entered with the assistance of mechanisms such as copying, cloning, inheritance, etc. Data management, also known as ‘product information maintenance,’ is a distributed process involving various user groups with different permissions (workflows, user groups, and permissions are established during the implementation phase). Data in PiCROSS data can be shared with other systems through exports (e.g., language versions, files, etc.) or via API (PiCROSS data.API). The integration of PiCROSS data with the native PiCROSS media automatic publication system allows for the visualization of product information directly from a web browser (e.g., in the form of product cards).

example functions

  • User interface in Polish and English
  • Simple data editing (four basic views: search, hierarchy, item editor, text editor)
  • Hierarchical presentation of information (departments, groups, linking attributes)
  • Modeling relationships between products (e.g., base product and derived products like accessories)
  • Multi-valued attributes
  • Inheritance of properties and their values
  • User-friendly item editor
  • Data sheet (Excel-type control) for entering values
  • Translation-assisted text editor (preview of language versions)
  • Multilingual descriptions (generated product cards in the selected language)
  • Marking texts as translatable or language-neutral
  • Special formatting of texts (HTML)
  • Data in the form of tables (HTML)
  • Text dictionaries
  • Element and text search (filters and search profiles)
  • Imports of properties, texts, files (CSV, XLS, file system)
  • Exporting texts, products, search results
  • User groups and permissions (based on data type or tasks)
  • Processes (workflow: states and tasks)
  • Optimization mechanism (caching complex data to speed up preview generation)
  • Previewing data – generating a product card or group of products to a PDF/HTML file
  • Flexible data visualization configuration


grouping and hierarchizing data in the system. Mechanisms for relationships, inheritance, and updates


managing products and user rights. Transparency of processes and permissions

rights and processes

ability to assign rights to users based on tasks, qualifications, positions. Efficiency of work and data security