two systems – comprehensive solution

Special offer for distributors is an important element of effective trade. Flexible and tailored to the local market, it can significantly impact sales results.


PiCROSS web is a web application integrated with the PiCROSS data and PiCROSS media systems.

It is a responsive application for mobile devices. Product data is retrieved in real-time from PiCROSS data. It offers the capability to work in both online and offline modes.


  • Preparation of a product offer

The distributor can directly create a special, tailored offer for the customer at their location using a web browser. They can base this offer on information from PiCROSS data, but choose products according to their own discretion, modifying prices, quantities, discounts, etc.

  • Planning and launching projects from a web browser

It allows for remote planning and launching of catalog, brochure, leaflet, etc. generation prepared in PiCROSS media.


Online catalog, online offer, publication generation planning.